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Voyado is a customer loyalty platform made for retailers. Voyado is one platform, with the power of six. All of Voyado´s six features are seamlessly working together to reach customer loyalty. These include: CDP/CRM, insights, marketing automation, AI & predictions, campaigns, and loyalty. Read the Voyado Blog here.

Voyado strives to be the best loyalty platform for retail and e-commerce, and using LINK Mobility's SMS Gateway is an important part of this. Our customers have high demands when it comes to personalized communication on the mobile phone, and LINK makes sure that we can deliver this across our entire footprint.

Niklas Brattfors

Partner Manager, Voyado

Why we work with Voyado

Voyado is a strong partner with one of the market’s best platforms for e-commerce and retailers. With Voyado’s powerful platform and LINK Mobility’s superior products, we give the best customer experience and increase customer loyalty. Combined, Voyado and LINK Mobility strengthen each other and the trust in both brands.

-Tobias Pegelius, Senior Partner Manager, LINK Mobility Sweden


Send personalized marketing messages using SMS through the Voyado platform


Get an AI-powered platform that works perfectly with communications


Understand and manage customers easier and send them relevant, timely messages