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Ensure a ticket is never lost again with mobile tickets and phone-friendly communications and event updates – a convenient experience for participants!

Environmentally friendly

Reduce paper consumption with tickets, confirmations, offers, and updates sent over the phone instead of in the mail or in person.

Cover the customer journey

Stay in touch with new and existing customers throughout the whole customer journey: before, during, and after events.


How ticketing works

Use smart solutions that make it easier for customers to order event-related items, such as tickets, and participate in events. Ensure the customer journey is simple and as painless as possible.

It can be difficult to get in touch with new and existing customers, but with SMS, you’re always in your customer’s pocket! SMS is a great way to quickly spread information and efficiently communicate with customers.

You can do more than just send tickets over SMS during the event. Use it across the whole customer journey:


When customers purchase a ticket, send it to them over their phones instead of through mail or having them print it out.

Send out an SMS reminder about the event or even a personal greeting from one of the artists or share a contest to win a VIP ticket.

Having the ticket on their phone already reduced lines and increases efficiency at the event. It’s a quick check-in when they can follow a URL to a landing page on their phones!


During the event, have participants take part in competitions, voting, or surveys on their phones. You can also send out live updates for the event using SMS. Share useful information like where the can find food vendors, restrooms, exits, and more.


After an event, send out a survey through SMS to get feedback on how the event went and to learn more about your customers so you can engage them again in the future.

Make the customer journey convenient with mobile ticketing

Cover the whole customer journey when it comes to ticketing and events. With messaging, customers can order, pay for, obtain, and validate tickets. Use it for concerts, cinemas, museums, stadiums, public transport, and more. You can also use mobile messages to communicate with customers before, during, and after events.


How LINK can help

With channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Viber
  • RCS
  • Google Verified SMS
  • WhatsApp

With tools such as:

  • LINK Messaging Gateway
  • LINK Engage/LINK Collect
  • LINK Conversation
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How messaging can support your business

Mobile messaging is a key driver in modern communication. The mobile phone is providing great opportunities for closer dialogue between businesses and customers. Messaging can be used for simple communication, just by sending and receiving messages – but you can easily integrate it with other technologies and solutions in order to enrich your communication and add value to your business.

Today, you can reach your customers on the channel they prefer with personalized messaging and rich content. Explore the opportunities about messaging below based on your industry or areas of need.

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