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Information in regard to LINK Mobility and COVID-19

12 March 2020

In accordance with WHO and local authorities in the markets in which we operate, LINK Mobility has taken internal measures to protect our workforce and contribute to reducing the increased spread of the Coronavirus, as well as help protect the people most vulnerable to the virus. Taking these measures into account, we ensure you that business continuity and daily operations are our top priority.

We have established an internal taskforce that is monitoring the situation on a day-to-day basis. Our local management has been empowered to evaluate the ongoing risk and react according to directions and recommendations from local authorities. Below you will find general information on LINK Mobility’s current internal situation with regards to our services and operations:


1. How is LINK Mobility handling the situation with COVID-19?

Our approach is based on the current situation and designed to protect the health and safety of our workforce and their families, while ensuring business continuity and our ability to serve our customers.

Read our LINK Mobility statement in regard to COVID-19 here.

2. How will LINK Mobility inform customers and suppliers if the current situation would change?

If the situation changes, you will be contacted by your local account team or already existing notification/information systems.

3. Will the current COVID-19 situation affect my account and activities at LINK Mobility?

As the current situation is, no. LINK Mobility has adopted an approach designed to protect the health and safety of our employees and to ensure business continuity as our top priority. If the situation changes, you will be contacted by your account team.

4. Will I still have the same access to all support systems for the services at LINK Mobility?

Yes, we are currently operating a normal state of business. For any other inquires please contact your local LINK office:

5. What policies does LINK Mobility have if it is no longer possible to perform planned activities due to COVID-19?

Please contact your local office or account team to verify the local policies in regard to this:



Link Mobility currently has normal operations on our platforms with 24 hours staffing and continuous monitoring of transactions and capacity. We have ensured good rotation of technical staff so that we have the necessary resources and expertise available at all times.

  • LINK Mobility serves all critical systems from a remote location. This has already been implemented as a result of local regulations under Covid-19
  • The systems are operated and monitored from several countries.
  • We have more than 10 full-scale independent platforms, which can handle traffic if one or more platforms are affected by resource scarcity in connection but a pandemic
  • We have a close dialogue with our subcontractors.
  • The systems are continuously tested (capacity, penetration, safety).

Additional questions? Get in touch with support


In accordance with WHO and the local authorities in the markets we operate, LINK Mobility has implemented a number of internal measures to safeguard daily operations as well as help to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

By implementing these measures, we assure our customers and suppliers that Business Continuity and daily operations are our top priority.

We have established an internal crisis team, which monitors the situation on a daily basis. The management in our local markets has been mandated to evaluate the ongoing risk and act in accordance with instructions and recommendations from local authorities.

In accordance with the recommendations of the local authorities, LINK Mobility has implemented the following measures as:

  • Introduced a home office policy for all employees with effect from Thursday 12.03.2020. The scheme will be in accordance with the recommendations of local authorities.
  • In addition to introducing home office arrangements for all employees, LINK Mobility has also implemented measures such as full stoppage of business trips, social events / seminars and physical meetings. Internal communication tools for communication, and internal interaction ensure normal operation and execution of the working day.
  • Implemented extra measures for cleaning our offices
  • Avoid public transport during rush hour, and large crowds

LINK Mobility is closely monitoring the development of the situation and is constantly reviewing new measures to prevent infection. Any infection cases in the organization are reported in daily status meetings, and LINK Mobility handles this according to the public health institute’s recommendations on home quarantine and home insulation.

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