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Xenioo: Omnichannel Conversational Platform

Xenioo, powered by LINK Mobility, is a cloud–based modern no-code / low-code omnichannel platform, with a focus on the visual building of chatbots, NLP, AI, and live agent handover. With Xenioo´s Conversational Platform, you can automate personalized conversations between companies and people across a wide range of different text and voice channels.

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Q1 Interim Report 2022

LINK Mobility (LINK) today reports revenue growth of 24% to NOK 1,174 million in the first quarter of 2022. Read the full Q1 2022 Report.

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LINK Mobility to strengthen conversational messaging capabilities by acquiring Italian-based NLP/AI Chatbot, Matelab Srl (“Xenioo”)

Today, LINK have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Italian–based Matelab Srl. This acquisition will strengthen LINK’s conversational messaging capabilities with CCaaS, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot competencies and will immediately bolster our omnichannel offerings.

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