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LINK delivers well-documented APIs, proven developer tools, and source code examples with easy implementation

Easy APIs

Use one of LINK´s many APIs (Application Programming Interface) to be able to easily send SMS from your CRM system


With integration from LINK, you will always have a reliable and secure solution, as our systems are monitored 24/7


How CRM works

With LINK, you can integrate SMS into your CRM system. With customer information and data analysis, you’re able to send out SMS from one platform or system. This makes it easy for both you and your employees to add SMS into the systems you already use daily. Only one log-in and system required!

At LINK we can connect to most CRM systems to get you the best solution based on your needs. In addition, we have many developers who monitor our solutions 24/7 so that you have a secure and flexible solution.

With the LINK SMS gateway, you can easily integrate SMS communication and various dialogues into your IT systems. The LINK SMS gateway and API are scaled to send large amounts of SMS every minute. Each day, we help our customers who use SMS for time-critical messages, as well as regular notifications, marketing promotions, and more.

Add information about your customers

Use messaging to collect and utilize valuable customer data, including needs, behavior and preferences. Input into your customer relationship management tool so you have a well-rounded view of your audience. Get to know your customers better for unique insights and data-driven segmentation.


How LINK can help

With channels such as:

  • SMS
  • Viber
  • RCS
  • Google Verified SMS
  • WhatsApp

With tools such as:

  • LINK Messaging Gateway

Here you can find the API documentation we offer.

All our solutions

Our Solutions

How messaging can support your business

Mobile messaging is a key driver in modern communication. The mobile phone is providing great opportunities for closer dialogue between businesses and customers. Messaging can be used for simple communication, just by sending and receiving messages – but you can easily integrate it with other technologies and solutions in order to enrich your communication and add value to your business.

Today, you can reach your customers on the channel they prefer with personalized messaging and rich content. Explore the opportunities about messaging below based on your industry or areas of need.

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