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LINK Stamp Card

Build, strengthen and expand your customer relations while boosting your sales and resales.

Technology has made paper and physical loyalty cards almost obsolete. Let your customers receive valuable loyalty stamps directly on their mobile phones. They don’t even need an app.

Easy setup

User-friendly setup guide, with no technical skills or integration needed. Get started right away! 


We deliver the administration portal, where you can validate the stamps. Just use an SMS keyword to promote your mobile Stamp Card, and off you go.

Understand your customer

When you know which customers that buy from you regularly, and those who don’t, you will be provided with a priceless insight that you can monetize on.

The way it works

Setting up a loyalty program with in-store validation and automatic rewards can sound complex. Don’t worry, we have all the templates ready for you to use, helping you setting up a program in no time.

Just choose your brand settings, the number of stamps required before being rewarded, and how you want to distribute it. It’s as simple as that.

No app needed

With our responsive design, a stamp card service can be set up on any smart phone and will work flawlessly in an instant. No app is needed and time to market is very short.

Perfect for

Use the stamp card as a motivational method for getting data, information and consent from your customers. With a stamp card service, you can provide your customers with a strong incentive to give you something valuable in return.

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