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Grow the number of new leads and customers, ultimately optimizing your business opportunities and sales.

With LINK +AI we provide you with impactful technology that can simulate intelligent human behavior and language. We help you communicate smarter in order to grow and develop your business. By integrating LINK +AI in messaging and mobile services, we make it easy for you to increase your return on investment by optimizing communications and sales efforts.

Relevant communication

LINK +AI can help you optimize SMS-texts, content, campaign or activity schedules and target group selection – all enabling you to personalize your communication with your target audiences.

Reduced unit cost

LINK +AI can help you reduce the marketing cost of your transactions by improving the efficiency of your messages and creating customer-centric call-to-actions.

Increased ROI

LINK +AI can help you improve and streamline all your marketing campaigns, delivering higher return on investment (ROI), increasing redemption rates and reducing opt-outs.

The way it works

LINK +AI is easy to implement and easy to use. We support you all the way with a focus on your specific needs and preferences. We help you to integrate the simple use of valuable data in relation to your specific business purposes and targeted services.


Algorithms capable of predicting the probability of certain user behaviors.

Perfect for

Increasing conversion rates and optimizing the use of LINK mobile services. Targeting specific users and increasing click rates, access rates, redemption rates and payment actions.

LINK +AI potentially applies to all our services with a current focus on LINK Coupon and LINK Mobile Invoice.

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LINK Mobility is Europe's leading provider within mobile communications, specializing in messaging, digital services and intelligent data usage.

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