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LINK Mobility facts and stats you may not know

9 October 2020

Test your knowledge of LINK Mobility with 20 facts and stats that you may or may not already know.

  1. LINK Mobility is on social media! Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube 
  2. The company name after the first acquisition of the Norwegian company Aspiro Mobile Solutions back in 2011 was LINK Mobile Solutions 
  3. Our organization became an official WhatsApp partner in Q1 2019 
  4. We have 33,000 customers and serve large enterprises, governments, nonprofits, small companies, and partners. 
  5. In 2019, we sent 9.5 billion messages worldwide 
  6. We have over 135 direct operator and 1,000 mobile network connections. 
  7. In 2011, LINK Mobility had 12 employees running the show 
  8. Norway has the largest focus on partnerships, but we’d like to continue to expand this aspect of our organization! 
  9. In the years between 2005-2008, the LINK Mobility adventure started with ringtones, wallpaper, and SMS chat 
  10. LINK Mobility launched Google Verified SMS in Q1 2020  
  11. Our go-to-market strategy is tailored to 3 distinct customer verticals: enterprises, partners and self-sign up customers 
  12. LINK’s main product was premium SMS back in the early 2000s 
  13. We have more than 450 engaged employees across Europe  
  14. We have acquired many companies throughout the years, and LINK still has some of the founders of these acquired companies working in our organization 
  15. LINK Mobility was founded in 2000 by Jens Rugseth, who is now the Chairman of the Board  
  16. LINK’s winning aspiration is: Because every communication matters, we constantly enhance how messages are delivered and conversations are created 
  17. Our entire operations have been run from home office without any impact to our customers during COVID-19 
  18. The first CEO was Glenn Stenholt 
  19. LINK Mobility’s headquarters are located in the historic building Havnelageret in the heart of Oslo, Norway 
  20. We have employees in 17 European countries

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