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Insparya uses the WhatsApp Business Solution and SMS messages to shorten their customer acquisition funnel and increase ROI by 1000%

6 July 2021

Insparya, a company which was founded by Paulo Ramos together with Cristiano Ronaldo, is committed to the development of work tools that allow the continuous development of the hair transplant process. They are a clinical group exclusively dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and research in the area of alopecia, with clinics in Portugal and Spain. The team has revolutionized hair transplantation and reconstruction by making their sophisticated technology available. Insparya has great ambitions to take their technology worldwide and currently has 5 clinics in Portugal, 2 in Spain (3rd clinic will open end 2021), and one clinic in Italy.

We were delighted to speak to Insparya on their recent implementation and use of the WhatsApp Business API and LINK’s SMS messaging gateway services and to hear about some of the benefits it has provided to them.


  1. Can you tell us why you chose to work with LINK and also a little about how you actually use our products?

We have been working with LINK Mobility for almost 5 months. We decided to choose you as a provider because you’re reliable and have very powerful and well-documented integration APIs.

We use your products to try to shorten our acquisition funnel by getting information from our patients via WhatsApp in order for our clinical team to make an online diagnosis.


  1. We know it’s still early days, but what success have you seen with campaigns you have run so far?

We have only been using the WhatsApp Business API for two months, and already we have been able to connect with more than 2,700 potential customers and receive the information needed from 50% of them. From this 50%, we generated 70 new customers, resulting in a positive ROI of more than 1000%.

We also reorganized our contact center team more efficiently, assigning two people to fully work with the app we created to join LINK’s WhatsApp Business API solution with our contact center team.

Recently we have launched the option of sending SMS, using LINK’s API. This means that we have a complete tool that allows everyone in the contact center to send personalized messages and templates straight into the customer’s mobile phone.

When it comes to other results, we were able to:

  • Reduce the personnel costs since we now need fewer call center agents to achieve the objectives set
  • Centralize our company’s WhatsApp communications in one app instead of multiple phones with different WhatsApp numbers
  • Standardize Insparya’s messages to our target buyers by creating personalized templates and predefined answers
  • Evaluate contact center performance by constantly checking conversations. This also allows our Marketing and IT departments to use the feedback to find opportunities for improvement.


  1. What would you like to see more of?

It would be great if we could shorten the acquisition funnel even more.


  1. How has COVID affected your business and has the ability to communicate over WhatsApp helped during the pandemic?

COVID meant we needed to boost our online channels, but it has not affected our overall sales. WhatsApp is an effective communication tool that we believe has helped a lot of people stay in touch with Insparya during these difficult times.


  1. How does WhatsApp compare to other communication channels you use?

We use a whole range of communications, from push mobile notifications to email, phone calls, and physical documents. Each of them covers a stage of our funnel, but WhatsApp is an especially important tool for transforming the customer experience and communicating to customers on the channel they already use.


  1. What does the future hold for your marketing strategy and how big a role does mobile communications play in this?

We want to always keep moving and adapting to new trends. Mobile will play a big role for us, similarly as it will in all sectors that need instant client communications.

Interested in learning more about how we can help your organization? Get in touch!


About Insparya

Paulo Ramos, founder of Saúde Viável, together with Cristiano Ronaldo, taking into account the success achieved in Portugal after more than 12 years of experience, with more than 40,000 transplants performed, decide to create Insparya. They are a Clinical group exclusively dedicated to diagnosis, treatment and research in the area of alopecia, with clinics in Portugal and Spain. Insparya combines the specialization acquired and a strong commitment to technological innovation.

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