Long Numbers

Send and receive messages globally to allow your customers to engage and connect with you wherever they are.

Stronger local presence
Dedicated brand number
Two-way communication

Virtual Long Numbers

A virtual long number works in the same way as a standard mobile number. These are 11 digits in length and are unique to your organisation. Long numbers can be allocated to your organisation from most countries, allowing you to provide a local number to your customers to send messages to you.

Numbers can be quickly allocated to you and our APIs allows you to easily implement inbound messaging to your communications mix.

Two-way conversational messaging allows brands to engage in real conversations.

Number Masking

Number masking provides organisations with the ability to have conversations without sharing personal details such as a phone number. Number masking allows conversations to flow without compromising on security and privacy compliance. Numbers can be allocated on temporary time-limited basis where needed.

Local country specific numbers
Receive inbound messages
Dedicated sender ID for outbound messages as an option
International options available
Availability on customers' preferred channels
Seamlessly engage with your customers
Number masking with anonymous long numbers

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