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4 steps to launch a holiday campaign

18 December 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are very important days for businesses, but the opportunity to reach customers doesn’t end there. December is one of the most anticipated months of the year, and the holidays are your last chance of the year to connect with customers, boost sales, and secure customer satisfaction.

Keep reading to learn how to launch the best holiday campaign for your business!

From large enterprises to small companies, this festive time of year is an opportunity to:

  • foster relationships with your customers
  • increase sales
  • attract new customers
  • build up the loyalty of your current ones
  • improve your positioning and image

Engaging with customers is essential for any company, which is why this is the campaign in which the most time, money, and resources are invested when it comes to advertising. The goal here is to obtain a good return on investment (ROI). In order to meet your objective, it’s key to follow these steps:


1. Know your audience and market trends

Step one is to research to familiarize yourself with both your audience and what they want. This enables you to make your communications more direct and effective.

Understand consumer habits and how they’ve changed, especially this year. For the 2020 holiday season, it’s predicted that consumers will prefer to search for products and services using online mobile channels over offline channels. It’s no secret that younger generations are more mobile-savvy. Phones continue to be their favorite device with increased use in SMS and messaging between companies and customers. What does this mean for your business? Your communications must be directed towards customers with mobile campaigns using

  • SMS
  • email
  • social networks
  • other messaging channels, like WhatsApp

Although physical stores will continue to be the location where the purchase is completed, omnichannel and online sales are growing exponentially, especially through mobile phones.

Make sure you also research the gender and age profiles of your audience, as well as which sectors will make up the majority of sales this year. That will likely include:

  • clothing and accessories
  • electronics
  • sports
  • beauty
  • toys

While Christmas is about the magic of giving, this year you’ll see a tendency for people to treat themselves with a personal gift. With SMS and other channels that allow you to message directly with customers, you can help them find what they want and make the shopping process more user-friendly.

Continue to consider the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. How has this affected the economy and customer’s pockets? Perhaps you send a coupon or customized promotion to adapt to the current situation.

Once you’ve done all of this research, put it into practice. Compile a list of potential customers, segment your audience, create a unique communication campaign, and personalize the message each person.

2. Choose a provider and channel

How can we help you create impactful communications? By making the most of your holiday mobile marketing strategy.

Each year, holiday campaigns are crucial for businesses. Mobile phone is still the best way to reach people. With our best-in-class technology, LINK Mobility can help you launch your amazing offers, new products, and store specials using the channel that works best for your current and potential customers.

SMS is the perfect combination of efficiency and utility. Text messages have a high open rate, are easy to read, and reach the customer quickly. With SMS, you can market products, offer discounts, send notifications, or assist with questions. No matter how or why you want to reach customers, we have a solution for every communication. For SMS, the three most popular are:

  • SMS with plain text
  • SMS with a “URL or landing page” directed to a specific offer or promotion, such as our Web Experience
  • Two-way dialogue with LINK Conversations

Did you know? Besides SMS, we also offer other channels, like WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, and Google Verified SMS.

3. Add some holiday cheer

Everyone as a bit of childlike holiday spirit in them, so appeal to the emotion and excitement of the holiday season, especially for giving and receiving gifts. Provide inspiration and incentive for them to make a purchase.

You’ll get better results if you add some holiday touches to your products (for example, on the packaging) or if the contents of your communications and services have a holiday theme. A specific “landing page” is a good option. Show a catalogue of products, allow people to build gift lists, create a holiday greeting video, or include a QR code for your promotions.

It’s equally important to be able to manage online orders on time and meet delivery commitments. Use SMS and messaging to send updates to your customers. Notify them when you’ve received their order, inform them when their packages is on the way, and alert them when it’s been delivered. Make sure to communicate if there are delays or items run out of stock!

4. Don’t forget post-holiday sales

Lastly, keep in mind that after the holidays come the January sales. This post-holiday period is another good opportunity to create irresistible offers and achieve extra sales. Create a campaign to entice people to spend a bit more for the new year ahead.

In short, increasing sales and generating engagement are the main objectives of holiday campaigns, and it’s a job that requires time and planning.

At LINK Mobility, we are here to help you create and launch your holiday campaigns using SMS or other channels, making the most of this period and bringing 2020 to a successful close.

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