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10 tips to optimize LINK Conversations 

3 December 2020

LINK Conversations is a communication solution that makes it easier for you to convey your message to your recipients. It has a sleek and modern user interface with options based on different industries. The tool has added features such as suggested answers, photos, videos, carousels, and more.

Read on to learn how you can optimize your customer relationships with LINK Conversations.

  1. Make it easy

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for a perfect customer dialogue. Use our Flow builder tool to quickly and easily create a dialogue flow. You’ll get to connect with your customers faster and you can develop your flows more in-depth as you get more familiar with the tool.

Get to know LINK Conversations by watching this short video.


  1. Personalize the message

If you have information about the recipient, such as first name, last name, and other relevant things, you can easily merge this into the conversation flow. Users love personalized messages, and it shows that they are important to your brand. Furthermore, it will often also save a user from having to verify their name, number, or email.

  1. Use the data you collect

In addition to personalizing the message with information you already have, you can also ask the user questions. You can then set up the flow to use these answers later in the conversation. For example, if you collect an email address, the user writes their email and moves on to the next point in the flow. Before this happens, you can add an additional question that verifies that the user typed correctly: “You wrote Is this correct? Yes / No”.

Did you know? LINK has our own data collection product, LINK Collect.

  1. Retrieve data from external systems

In the web interface LINK Flow, you can use “data” nodes, which allow you to easily retrieve information from external systems. Then, you can use this information later in the conversation flow. For instance, it could be a link that retrieves the customer number from their CRM system, or you can look up the address of the customer based on the phone number. By using existing systems, you do not have to ask the user unnecessary questions, and instead it allows you to focus on achieving the desired result with the conversation.

  1. Break up the message

LINK Conversations has many unique features that you don’t get with regular SMS. Here, you have the opportunity to use photos or videos, suggested actions, maps, and more. Nobody likes to read through paragraphs of text, so split the text up between pictures and other interesting features to keep the user’s attention.

  1. Clean up old campaigns

Avoid clutter! You can delete old campaigns in order to stay organized and keep track of current campaigns. Use LINK Insight Dashboard to follow campaigns in real time and analyze results.

  1. Plan the conversation with the customer in advance

Sit down with a colleague or friend and practice the conversation with a role play. In this way, you quickly find the best way to build the conversation flow. You ensure that you won’t confuse users, and you can predict possible responses they might have. Work with several different people to uncover how users think and might react when they go through the dialogue.

  1. Determine the goal of your dialogue

Before you start making a conversation flow, it is important to know what you want to achieve with the conversation. Are you going to offer help, sell a product, or plan a meeting? Based on what you want to do, there are different ways to build a conversation. Create a few different flows to see which one seems most intuitive for the end user to implement. You should aim to avoid misunderstandings and annoyances, so that you achieve your goal without losing customers along the way.


  1. Use all the tools at your disposal

LINK Conversations has many tools you can use to achieve your goals. Create a few dialogues to test all the different features, then use them in conversations with users. For example, there are several ways to view photos. You can send them one by one or connect them in a carousel.

  1. Get paid

LINK Mobility has several other products that can be used with LINK Conversations. You have the possibility to complete an entire sales journey with customers paying either via SMS or our product, LINK Mobile Invoice. LINK Mobile Invoice is built directly into the LINK Flow web interface so that you can easily take orders without doing the heavy integration work with POS systems yourself.

Can we help you get started? Feel free to contact us!

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